May 4th @ 5:00 p.m. ET
Final Project/Paper is Due

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The final will be the completed website, including graphics/design and content.  The final project should be accompanied by a paper no longer than 1,000 words detailing how the website meets its strategic objectives, referencing class discussions and reading assignments. The final paper should also explain how/why the website as constructed differs from the website that was described in the midterm paper.

Website Setup

  1. Sign up for a domain name. Generally, dot-com domains are preferred, but are not mandatory. Google and GoDaddy both offer credible domain registration services.
  2. Sign up for web hosting. Site5 and GoDaddy both offer solid, inexpensive hosting services. If you register your domain with GoDaddy, there may be a bundling discount. If you host with GoDaddy, make sure that the hosting you receive will allow you to add a one-click WordPress installation, it should be stated quite clearly.
  3. Once you have successfully logged into your Dashboard, you can create a new user account for me. Please make my username “kevin” (all lowercase), use my email address, and I’m fine with the system-generated password. Make sure to choose “Administrator” as the user type. Your website will email your login information to me, and I will be able to log in and provide you with some helpful materials to get you started.


  • Appears on every page.
  • Gives website visual consistency.
  • Makes it clear what the website’s about for those who land (via search?) on a content page/post.


  • Helps people find what they’re looking for and go directly to the content that’s relevant to them (personally).
  • Provides a system for organizing your content.

You should employ one of the following strategies for displaying content:

  • Most-recent posts (i.e. for “Trends” website)
  • Most-important posts (i.e. from the defined “important” category)
  • Static page (i.e. describing your business and what it does)

Whether or not you use images to accompany the content should depend upon whether your content is visually oriented (and depends upon images to make your content accessible/enjoyable).


  • Contact/Feedback
  • About
  • The team: contributors, subjects (i.e. Ramifications members)
  • Calendar of Events


What types of functionality should your website have? What types of interactive behavior should your website be encouraging? This can take many forms, including media players, user-generated content/feedback, ratings systems, calendars, and social media integration. There are a slew of terrific plugins available for WordPress that are worth exploring.


You are free to use any theme you like. Initially, we will all be working with the Divi theme.


Clef two-factor authentication